Kardan Construction are motivated to secure long-term contracts and joint ventures, with remote and regional organizations, leading to this employment, training, and support of local people and communities.
      With our strong networks, social and economic capacity, and capability to construct in regional areas, remote communities, nationally & internationally – comes key openings for Aboriginal Men and Women, and People with All Abilities and All Ages, to reach their full potential through engagement, upskilling and training.
      For Kardan, it is all ultimately about empowering those individuals, strengthening families, and contributing to stronger economic participation, culture and society, because these passionate, high-calibre trades and professionals are reliable, uphold the highest standards and persevere through any difficulty to deliver most optimal outcomes for our client.

Deeply passionate about improving the social/economic wellbeing of Indigenous people and communities.

Devoted to establishing sustainable, ongoing employment that bridges gaps, and brings both indigenous and non-indigenous communities closer together; Kardan is proud to provide real and diverse employment opportunities for these people.    

Having achieved their goal, provision of 20 apprenticeships for Aboriginals by 2020, Kardan continues to support existing indigenous businesses, sole traders, and sub-contractors – providing them with meaningful work, and projects they can be truly proud of.

Our name, Kardan means Red Gum in the language of the Whadjuk Noongar (First Nations People of the Perth region).  The Kardan is one of six forest giants found down south in Western Australia.

An Aboriginal business giving a hand-up to the broader community, Kardan is proud to be challenging and changing decades-old perceptions that still exist about Aboriginal people and Aboriginal-led businesses.  Narratives that are very often negative, or discriminatory.

By continuing to roll out successful initiatives that improve employment opportunities and social capital for people of all abilities, and the vulnerable, along with Kardan’s close alignment with government, and key community groups – we get to change the conversation and educate/ inform the broader population.

Kardan Construction

Working Better with Indigenous Communities – Government Initiatives

Since 2018/19 Kardan Construction has been trusted to deliver hundreds of projects all across the state, with each and every project, delivered on time, on budget, while creating employment for Aboriginal people in the process.

Step forward with implementation of the Aboriginal Business Initiative and Aboriginal Procurement Policy 2018, where the Western Australian government imperative guides agencies to consider awarding work to Aboriginal businesses directly, and thus save time, money, and frustration of needing to go through lengthy procurement processes.

In the year 2018/19 alone; WA agencies direct-awarded over 20 projects to Kardan Construction, with each successful project, further demonstrating Kardan’s team capacity, capabilities, and efficiency to deliver upon agency requirements, and value for money.

Using the Aboriginal Business Initiatives Direct-Award mechanism, WA Government agencies were/ are able to deliver projects over 60% faster over traditional tendering processes.

Through any time constraint, access issues, security restraint, or tight budget – Kardan Construction works with our client to deliver quality and certainty, on any sized project, in any location.   Relying on our innovative solutions to achieve sometimes unattainable deadlines – still we always bring Kardan’s honesty, integrity, capacity, and that unwavering commitment to creating meaningful outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Proven success at creating skills and employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander peoples.