Building Positive Personal and Social Value all through Supply Chains.


KIK relies on the SEWB model, which highlights protective and risk factors for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s wellbeing and the larger political, social, and economic forces that shape it.


Part of Kardan’s Mission is to provide ongoing mentorship, support and training to Aboriginal men and women, and offer Aboriginal employment opportunities today, while supporting future growth of Indigenous communities across Australia tomorrow.

From December 2017 with the “20 by 2020” initiative providing electrical apprenticeships through Wilco Electrical, and inside five years, KIK initiative have grown to encompass a range of different employment opportunities for Aboriginal men and women through Wilco Electrical, Kardan Construction, and Baldja.

By December 2020, total of 23 Aboriginal employment positions were created for Aboriginal men and women, including 14 electrical apprenticeships, 4 traineeships in construction, 2 admin traineeships, 4 trade assistant positions, and one independent Aboriginal owned architecture business.    Of all these positions, only the TA’s were casual.

Proudly, the first of the 20 by 2020 apprentices (Sam Vale) completed his electrical apprenticeship in February 2021.


Proven success at creating skills and employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander peoples.